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Command tcl.config.tape Menu/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix, AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description enters the Update processor to show the list of tapes currently defined in the specified virtual machine.
Up to 16 devices are supported. The installation procedure senses the real tape devices and add them to the configuration file, along with pre-defined pseudo floppies. The System Administrator can add devices freely.

"Tape device name"
This is the Unix device name of the peripheral. The System Administrator must ensure that proper access rights are set so that the virtual machine can do all operations on it. If the file is a special file (a device), then use the raw (character) rather than the block device.

This is the default block size of the device. This field is used only at boot time, in case a file restore is attempted on this device. It has no influence on the default block size defined by the "t-att" command.

This is the type of the device. The following types are supported:
f Floppy, real or pseudo
h 1/2" tape
q 1/4" tape
v 8mm tape
c serial device or network or Unix pipe
d 4mm tape

This string defines the various options. Depending on the device, the following options are available:
On All devices:

l Link field present for ABS restore. Required for floppy and network.

On Floppies only:

o 3 1/2", 2.88 M
q 3 1/2", 1.44 M
d 5 1/4", 1.2 M
l 3 1/2" or 5 1/4", 720K
s 5 1/4", 360 K
x pseudo floppy (no size)

On Quarter-inch /4" tape (SCT) only:

h highest density
s standard density

On Half-inch tapes (9 track) only:

h 6250 bpi
m 3200 bpi
s 1600 bpi

Free text. On AP/SCO, however, if the device is a quarter-inch (SCT), the comment must start with the auxiliary device name. For instance:

Tape device name blksz t Opt Comments
/dev/nrct0 16384 q lh /dev/xct0 #1
Syntax config tape {vmname}
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