tcl.converse Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.converse Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP, AP 6.1
Category TCL (746)
Description links the current process to a device. The "target" or "slave" device is put into "pass-through" mode, allowing data in and out in "raw" mode.

The target device (the one being "linked" to the current device) must be available on the given "port.number". It may not be already attached or linked to another process.

A "hotkey", or "termination", sequence disconnects the link. The default "hotkey" sequence is <escape>x. The default can be modified by using the "d" option.

If the termination sequence contains an escape character, as in the default, an "esc-data" command is issued automatically, so the process will not get locked out from being able to suspend "converse".

When the device is successfully attached, "LINE ATTACHED" is displayed on the master terminal, unless the (S) option is used.

On AP 6.1 and later, hitting the <BREAK> key on the master terminal, sends a <BREAK> to the slave port.

On all Unix implementations, if the Pick process is not connected to the virtual machine, then "converse" is not allowed, even if the "where" verb with a "z" option shows the port as being available.
Syntax converse port.number {(options}
Options c Captures all output on the (slave) screen and writes it to an item in the "dm,cap-file," using the item-id "*n", where "n" is the current port.number.

d/hexnum{,hexnum...} Designates the sequence of characters to terminate "converse" mode. Each character is provided in its hexadecimal equivalent of its ASCII value. Each character is separated by a comma. The "/" is required after the "d" option and before the first hex number. For example, "d/41,42,43,44", indicates that an "ABCD" will disconnect the link.

i Same as the "c" option, except that output from the master process is captured.

n Suppresses capturing on converse mode. This is the default.

s Suppresses the message when the process terminates.

x Terminates converse mode on target device number and returns target device to logon.

z (AP 6.1 and later) Used in conjunction with (I) or (C), translate the non printable characters into a dot, the carriage returns into an attribute mark and suppresses the line feeds. Without this option, if a character x'ff' is captured, the item is truncated.
converse 16

Attaches the current process to port 16.

converse 33 (c

Attaches the current process to port 33, capturing screen output from the slave 

converse 3 (d/2a,2b,2b

Attaches to port 3 and sets the hotkey sequence to "*++".

converse 42 (iz

Attaches to port 42 and captures the screen output from the master process, 
making sure all data is displayable.

converse 42 (x

Terminates converse on port 42 and returns port to logon.
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