tcl.create-abs Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.create-abs Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description sets aside a contiguous set of frames as the destination for loading the abs code (the Pick Virtual Code). This space is called the "abs" area.

This command provides the ability to create a whole new executable abs to avoid the risk of corrupting the existing abs.

The item, "%abs%", in the dictionary of the "abs", file is a pointer to the abs area.

The first frame in the abs area contains the date and implementation of the abs.

The data section is used as a cross-reference file by the incremental loader.

"create-abs" executes a "clear-file" on the data section of the "abs" file, then creates one item in the data section for each frame in the abs area. These items contain an "F" in attribute 1. The item-ids are sequential numbers, starting with 000.

"file.reference" indicates the file where the modes are to be loaded.

If a "DBSYM" data file for both source and destination files exists, the destination will be cleared and the source copied over.

Note that the options are NOT optional.
Syntax create-abs file.reference (options
Options item-size An integer number parameter specifying the number of frames, in decimal, to set aside for the machine code (new abs area). The frames must be contiguous. If there are not enough contiguous frames, an error message is displayed.

l Prompts user for source file and copies the system modes from the source abs used in booting the system (boot abs) to the destination abs area, initializing the file for future loads. If no numeric parameter is specified, it uses the abs size of the source file to create the abs area. This option overrides the "z" option.

zframe.count ("z", followed by a number) Zeroes out the frames in the abs area. This option requires a numeric parameter to specify the size of the abs area, and is incompatible with the "l" option. The following prompt displays: Enter source data-abs file name (RTN for ABS): To run the boot abs, enter "boot.abs". To run a different abs, enter the name of the abs.
create-file abs.test 3 395
create-file data abs.test,dbsym 395
create-abs abs.test (l
Enter source abs file name (return for boot abs): <return>
[1005] abs file creation successfully completed.
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