tcl.disc Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.disc Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix
Category TCL (746)
Description disconnects the current process from the (Pick) virtual machine.

If the process was started from shell (i.e., by typing "ap"), control is returned to shell.

If the process was started automatically, in the case of a turnkey system, the User process is restarted immediately. In this case, the "disc" command has no action. However, a different PID is allocated to the process.

If the xon/xoff protocol was changed with the "xonoff" verb, the new setting might be lost. (see "xonoff").

When reconnecting by typing "ap" at shell, the process is reconnected to the virtual machine.

The "exit" macro executes a "disc (f". Trying to shutdown a system where there is one or more processes disconnected with the "n" option hangs. In fact, it times out after a few minutes. Before doing a shutdown, reconnect these processes and disconnect them with the "f" option.

This command closes all Unix files. Therefore, it should not be used in a Pick/BASIC EXECUTE statement in a Pick/BASIC program which has Unix files opened.
Syntax disc {(option}
Options f Logoff before disconnecting. This option is the default.

n Stays logged on to the Pick account before disconnecting. Processes disconnected with the "n" option remain logged on to the Pick account and therefore show in the (Pick) "listu" command. Processes at lower levels are NOT wrapped up.