Command Definition/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description describes the TCL dot stacker.

In AP, every unique command that is typed at the ":" (TCL) prompt is saved in a file on the "dm" account called "tcl-stack".

TCL stack entries may be recalled and edited using the dot stack commands:

.? Display help
! str Search stack for first entry containing 'str', display and execute
.L List stack
.L n List top n stack entries
.L m-n List stack entries m through n
.R Display top stack entry and allow modification
.R n Display stack entry n and allow modification
.R n/str1/str2 Replace str1 with str2 in stack entry n
.RU n/str1/str2 Replace all occurrences of str1 with str2 in stack entry n
.DE Delete top stack entry
.DE n Delete top n stack entries
.DE n/str Delete any of n stack entries containing 'str'
.X Execute top stack entry
.{X} n{,n} Execute stack entry n. X 'pops' entries to top of stack
.X name Execute macro created by .C command
.X file name Execute macro 'name' in file 'file'
.C n{,n} Create macro from specified stack entries
.CO n{,n} Create macro, overwriting
Related filename.tcl-stack