tcl.f-resize Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.f-resize Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description Examines existing file modulos for every file found in the "file-of-files" file, and recalculates a new "recommended" modulo for each file.

Files are given a new recommended size according to their statistical information and are given a new modulo based on a file 75% full. The files are not immediately resized. The recommended modulo is stored in the file's file-defining item (d-pointer) in attribute 13.

If a dot "." exists in attribute 13 of the file-pointer, this data file will not be resized.

The complete file resizing process is to:
a) Do a full "save" so all the filenames are in the "file-of-files" file.
b) Perform the f-resize.
c) Do a full "save" of the system (which will save the recommended modulos).
d) Do a restore of the desired account (or of the entire system), and the system will refer to the recommended modulo in re-creating the files, unless "file reallocation" is disabled during the restore.
Syntax f-resize {(options}
Options a Resize one account
e Force resize of empty files. As a default, empty files are ignored by the f-resize program.
p Directs output to the system printer, via the Spooler.
r{frame.size} ("r", followed by a frame size) Resizes files according to the frame size specified. If frame.size is not specified, the frame size of the current system is used.
u Specifies that no downsizing will take place.
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