tcl.import Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.import Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix
Category TCL (746)
Description imports Unix files to Pick items.

<New line> characters are converted into attribute marks. The source Unix files are either specified explicitly or are specified by the directory on which they can be found.

Destination Pick file name.

List of the destination items. If not specified, a list must be active.

Directory where the source files are to be found. The filenames are the same as the item-id(s) from the source list. The "l" option is used to convert Unix filenames to lower case.

Explicit list of the source Unix files. Complete pathnames must be used if the files are not on the current directory. The current directory may be changed by the "cd" command. If no source list is provided, the destination list is used as a source list also. Wild cards are legal in unix.file, but in this case, all the files are concatenated before the copy.
Syntax import file.reference {item.list} {(options}
from :[ dir |{unix.file {unix.file} ... } ]
Options en Expands Unix tabulations into "n" spaces. If "n" is not specified, the default is 4. Tabulations expansion is done using the pr(1) Unix command.

i Suppresses display of item-id(s).

l Converts unix.file name in lower case before doing the copy.

O Overwrites Pick item(s), if duplicate item-id(s) encountered.
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