tcl.kill Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.kill Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix, AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description sends a Unix signal to a Pick or Unix process.

Signals can be specified by their usual names, rather than their number, and Pick processes by their port numbers instead of Unix process-ids ("pid's").

signalno is the optional signal number in decimal. If not specified, "SIGTERM" is sent.

signame is the optional signal name. Among the valid signal lists are: {SIG}TERM, {SIG}HUP, and {SIG}USR2. If not specified, SIGTERM is sent.

p pib indicates the Pick pib (port.number), prefixed by the letter "p".

'kill' checks that none of the specified processes have a process-id of 0 (zero), which would mean 'kill all processes in the group', usually resulting in an abrupt shutdown of the Pick virtual machine.
Syntax kill {-[signo|signame] } [pid|ppib] { [pid|ppib] ... }
kill p17
Kills the (Unix) process associated with port 17.

kill -sigalrm p33 7143
Sends a sinal, "sigalrm", to the Unix process associated with port 33 
and to the Unix process whose process-id is 7143.

kill -1 p0
Sends a "sighup" to port 0.
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