tcl.logto Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.logto Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP, AP 6.2, R83
Category TCL (746)
Description terminates accounting on the current account, then moves to another specified account. If a password is present, it must be provided. Passwords are case-sensitive.

If the password is omitted and required, the system prompts for it.

It is possible to "logto" another account while at a "pushed" level. When a <return> is issued at the TCL prompt, the process automatically "logs back to" the original account unless the (F option was specified for the "logto" verb. In that case every "pushed" level below the current one also logs to the new account. Those pushed levels are still running the programs they were originally running, they are just in a new account now.

Any tape or magnetic media devices attached to the process when logging to another account at another level remain attached in the new account.
Syntax logto{,password}
Options F The F option forces all pushed levels to also log to the new account (6.2 and above)
logto dm

< Connect time= 217 Mins.; CPU= 46 Units; LPTR pages= 0     >

logto dm,mypassword
< Connect time= 217 Mins.; CPU= 46 Units; LPTR pages= 0     >


"connect time" is the number of minutes the current account was in 

"cpu" is the number of cpu units used by the account. CPU units vary 
from system to system, but are generally recorded as 1/10th's seconds. 
Note: The cpu units shown are about 100 times smaller than the cpu units shown 
in the Pick/BASIC 'system( 9 )' function.

"lptr pages" is the number of pages sent to the Spooler.
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