Verb: Access/TCL

Command Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP 6.2
Category TCL (746)
Description sets/displays error handling behavior when accessing remote files.

With no options, the current error handling behavior is displayed. The following options are included:

Remote Error Logging - When enabled, this logs all remote errors to the errors file.

Remote Error Notification - When enabled, all remote errors are displayed on the users terminal.

Remote Error Intervention - When enabled, all remote errors force the user to select an action from a menu. Note that even with this option disables, intervention is required when an update operation fails.

If options are specified, then the error handling behavior is changed and then re-displayed.

This command affects the current line only.
Syntax net-errors {(options)}
Options c Clear all error handling options.
l Enable error logging.
n Enable user notification.
i Force user intervention on all errors.
s Suppress the option display
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