tcl.pibstat Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.pibstat Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: OA/RT, AP
Category TCL (746)
Description displays the current pib status bit settings for a given value.

The "value" is the two-byte pib status returned by the "where" command, under the column labeled "PIB Stat".

The PIB Stat is perhaps the most useful indication of resource usage on a Pick machine. The first 2 digits of this value indicate the "state" of a process. Here are some of the more common values:
F3xx Waiting-for-input or displaying text
E3xx Waiting-for-input or displaying text with echo off
F5xx Displaying text, but line is in XOFF (Ctrl-S) state
FFxx Process is currently using the CPU
BFxx Process is currently sleeping
DFxx Process id currently requesting disk I/O
Syntax pibstat value
:where 68
 Ln  PCB    PIB   ABS   Stat  ...
     FID    Stat  Bas

*068 024EE5 FF10 000018    1  ...

This returns the pib status for port 68 as "ff10", which can then be 
used in the "pibstat" command:

:pibstat ff10

1111 1111 0001 0000

Process is running or activatable
           not sleeping
           not frame faulted
           echoing input
           not I/O roadblocked
           not reading
           not writing
           not comatized
           not DCD on
           type-ahead enabled
           modem-control enabled.
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