Verb: Access/Spooler

Command Verb: Access/Spooler
Applicable release versions: AP 6.2
Category Spooler (24)
Description re-spools a spooler hold job. The user can select a one-time sp-assignment for this job by placing the desired sp-assign options after the open parenthesis at tcl. Some sp-assign options are not valid in this context, they are "c", "i", "o", "rnnn", "t" and "?". See filename.peqs for more information.
Syntax pr-spool-job spooler.job {(assignment.options}
Options See tcl.sp-assign for options with the caveats described above.
pr-spool-job 3 (f2,4

This will re-spool spooler job number 3 to form queue number two. Four copies 
of the job will be output.  Note that a comma is used to seperate the form 
queue number "2" from the number of copies "4". Spaces 
cannot be used.
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