tcl.pxpw Subroutine/System Architecture


Command tcl.pxpw Subroutine/System Architecture
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix
Category System Architecture (8)
Description called through a 'callx' statement, allows mirroring files across a network. The 'structure' attribute in the file-defining item (or "d-pointer") specifies the location of the remote file.

All updates and, optionally, deletes are propagated to the shadow, or mirrored, file.

Options are specified in the fourth value of the attribute 'structure' (see example below):
Options a Requests acknowledgment.

n Does not allow deletes on the remote file.

v Verbose.
To mirror the file 'tmp' on the host 'dev1', in the account 
'pxp', into a file 'tmp.shadow', change the local 
"d-pointer" in the master file 'tmp' as follows 
('<--' shows the changes):

Dictionary code    D
base               19732
modulo             3
structure          dev1         <-- Distant host name
                   pxp          <-- account
                   tmp.shadow   <-- file name on remote host
                   a            <-- Options: A=request ACK
correlative        callx pxpw   <-- CALLX to file time subroutine
attribute-type     L
column-width       10
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