tcl.restore-accounts Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.restore-accounts Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: R83 2.2, AP
Category TCL (746)
Description restores all accounts which do not already exist on the system from the attached "file-save" tape or a tape created by an "account-save" with an active list of accounts.

This is generally used with the last good "file-save" after upgrading to a new release of Pick. It is important to restore the Pick file system from the media on which Pick is provided, since changes may have been made.

Restore-accounts uses "account-restore (az" in its processing loop. The "az" options are described under account-restore.
Syntax restore-accounts {(options}
Options frame.size (integer number). Designates the frame size of the source system which created "save" media. This option automatically affects modulos, which are either divided or multiplied by the given number, according to the data frame size on the target machine (see the "what" command for determining data frame size). If the target frame size is bigger than the source frame size, all modulos are divided by the ratio (target / source = ratio). For example, if the target system has 2K data frames and the source system had 500-byte frames, the modulos would all be divided by 4. This file resizing operation occurs after the reallocation parameter has been checked, unless file resizing has been disabled during the initial boot process.
c Used with tapes created on Ultimate Systems. Everything behaves the same as usual, but it's just slower.

d Data-sensitive files. All files except the md will be restored as ds-type files (case sensitive). (AP only)

n Disables file reallocation process.

u Indicates that tape label is in "Ultimate" format.

This restores all accounts from the current peripheral storage device.

:restore-accounts (cu

This restores all accounts on a tape created by an Ultimate system.
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