Verb: Access/TCL

Command Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description searches a file for the existence of one or more strings of characters in any attribute and optionally creates and saves a list.

After invoking the command, the prompt "search for: " appears on the screen. Any of the following responses to this prompt are valid:

- A string of characters

- ?? (double question mark). This displays on-line help.

- <return> Begins the search, after at least one string has been entered.

The item-ids can be saved in a list when the "l" option is specified.

As the "search" progresses through the file, it displays all lines that match the given search string(s) by default.
Syntax search file.reference {item.list*} {(options)}
Options a Outputs in standard assembly listing format.

d Outputs entire item on any match.

f Outputs only the first line containing the string in an item.

i Suppresses the item-id output. Does not affect other output.

j Outputs only one "match" per item (overridden by "d" option).

l Prompts for list name and saves the resulting list under the given name. This does NOT show matches or leave an "active" list at the end of the process.

n Outputs the report without pausing at the bottom of each page.

o Displays item-ids with "matches" and does not create a list.

p Directs output to the system printer, via the Spooler. (overridden by "l" option).

s Suppresses line number output.

u Outputs two attributes after, and one line before, the matching line.
search md (l
search for:vb<return>
search for:<return>
list name: vb.list<return>
[2000] 15 out of 1512 item(s) found.

This example searches for "vb" in the "md" and saves the 
list as "vb.list" after completing.
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