tcl.set-abs Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.set-abs Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description designates a file as the data section associated to the boot abs, or control the boot abs specifications.
If no options are specified, the ABS file is set up to define the boot ABS area.
This verb is intended for use only by system development personnel.
Syntax set-abs file.reference {(options)}
Options number Designates the number of frames to load into boot ABS. "number" should be large enough to ensure the entire code area in the ABS area is loaded. If "number" is not specified, the entire ABS area is loaded. This option is relevent only with the "l" option.

l Copies the ABS area from the ABS file to boot ABS. PCB0 is not overwritten.

s Sizes the ABS file to the size of boot ABS. If boot ABS is larger than specified in the ABS file, frame specification items are added to the ABS file as needed.
set-abs abs (l950)
This loads 950 frames from the ABS file into boot ABS.
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