tcl.set-func.sco Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.set-func.sco Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP/SCO
Category TCL (746)
Description loads the function keys for pc-class systems on port 0 only of AP/SCO systems.

Without any option, the function keys are set.

The "e" or "u" option may be used to change the function key definitions. When filing the item, the function keys are not set. You must use the command again, without any option.

"set-func" overrides the default setting or the previously executed "set-kbrd".

On SCO Unix, all Pick or Unix processes running on the Virtual Terminals on the memory mapped console will be affected by this command.

"item-id" is the item in the file "dm," which defines the functions keys. Its content is implementation-specific.
Syntax set-func item-id {(option}
Options e Edits the item using the line editor. (see "edit" or "ed").

u Edits the item using the Update processor. (see "update" or "u").
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