tcl.setup-printer Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.setup-printer Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description downloads fonts to a LASER printer attached to a formqueue.

The form-queues are items in the "dm,devices," file with fonts 1 through 16 defined at the proper table entry (x-125 through 140.)

The list of font item-ids used by a form-queue are in the file "dict dm,fonts," with the item-ids the same as the form-queue.

If a form-queue is indicated, it downloads the fonts in that list.

If a printer number is indicated, for all form-queues defined by that printer, it downloads the fonts in each form-queue list. Thus, by specifying the item-id of the form-queue, it retrieves the list of fonts in "dict dm,devices,".

"form number" is the form-queue number to which the fonts are downloaded.

"printer number" is the printer number to which the form-queue fonts are downloaded.

Fonts reside in the "dm,fonts," file.

The list of fonts assigned to a form-queue resides in "dict dm,fonts form.queue.number"

Setting up a form-queue downloads all the fonts defined for that form queue.

Setting up a printer does a form-queue download for each form queue defined for that printer.

Each (downloaded) font is stored in the printer's memory, and is referenced by a numeric font-id number. To insure that an existing font isn't accidentally overwritten, the beginning font-number of "10" is used, and is incremented by "10" for each additional downloaded font.

The fonts may be invoked using the same "@" functions available to Pick/BASIC. See the "@ function" and the arguments between (-146) and (-267), or by the OP ".font<font.number>" command.