tcl.sleep Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.sleep Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP, AP 6.1, R83
Category TCL (746)
Description suspends further processing until the specified time expression is exhausted or reached.

"expression" specifies the number of seconds to suspend processing or the time to resume processing in the format hh:mm{:ss}. Hours are specified from 00 (midnight) to 23 (11:00 p.m.). Minutes and seconds are specified from 00 to 59.

Releases 6.1.0 and above support the specification of milliseconds in "expression". For example, to sleep for a 1 and a half seconds, the user can use "sleep 1.5".
Syntax sleep expression
sleep 600 

This puts the process to sleep for ten minutes. 

sleep 23:59:59 

This puts the process to sleep until one second before midnight.
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