tcl.sp-status Verb: Access/Spooler


Command tcl.sp-status Verb: Access/Spooler
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Spooler (24)
Description displays the status of all Spooler-controlled devices.

If no options are specified, the status of the Spooler and all allocated printers is displayed.

The printer status may be one of the following:

"active" means the printer is currently printing a report.

"inactive" means the printer is currently idle.

"stopped" means the printer has been stopped with a "stopptr" command, or is set to stop once it becomes idle.

"unallocated" means the printer has never been started, or has been deleted from the spooler with an "sp-kill" command using the delete option. The printer may be (re-)started with the "startptr" command.
Syntax sp-status {options}
Options printer.number{-printer.number} Designates a specific printer, or range of printers, to display. Must be between 0 and the maximum printer number, inclusive.

b Outputs status of all printers, allocated and unallocated.

n No pause; suppresses pause at end of page on terminal display.

p Directs output to system printer, via the Spooler.
The spooler is inactive.

Printer #  0 is serial, inactive, and on line.
The printer is running on line  13.
Assigned output queues: 0 .
The number of inter-job pages to eject is 1.
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