tcl.sp-tapeout Verb: Access/Spooler


Command tcl.sp-tapeout Verb: Access/Spooler
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Spooler (24)
Description retrieves (inputs) reports previously spooled to magnetic media and directs output to the Spooler.
The Spooler redirects the file according to the options currently specified in "sp-assign".
Syntax sp-tapeout {options}
Options a Converts EBCDIC format to ASCII format.

l Treats each tape record as a line, if the tape record length is less than 140. This assumes the record is right-padded with blanks, and without carriage-return, line-feed sequences embedded in them. Trailing right blanks are removed and a carriage-return, line-feed sequence is inserted at the end of each tape record.

u Converts all lower case characters to upper case.
Spools the file (at the current location of the tape) to the destination 
specified by the current sp-assign command.

sp-tapeout ua
Reads the file (at the current location of the tape), converts the data from 
EBCDIC to ASCII, converts all characters to uppercase, and spools the file to 
the destination specified by the user's "sp-assign".
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