Verb: Access/TCL

Command Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP, AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description starts the Spooler and the phantom Scheduler.

On Unix implementations, this commands also spawns the Unix processes which support the Pick phantom processes, if they are not connected to the virtual machine already. The Monitor the phantoms use is controlled by the Unix environment $PATH and the Unix file '/usr/lib/pick/PICKNAME', created by the installation procedure.

On a configuration where more than one virtual machine is running, it is important to ensure that all processes on a given virtual machine run the same version of the Monitor. Normally, when the virtual machine is booted, the '' command creates processes running the same Monitor, found on '/usr/bin', as the one currently executed by the line 0. This is ensured by executing a 'which' command, which shows the Monitor version like:


Monitors are deemed compatible if the first two digits are similar ('6.0'). If not, then the Unix variable $PATH is scanned, and a compatible monitor is looked for on the given directories. If it fails, then '' complains and does not start the spooler nor the phantom scheduler.
The (L) option instructs "" to use the Monitor on the current directory. For this option to work properly, the 'system-coldstart' macro should be modified as follows:

cd /usr/mydir (l

When the (l) option is in effect, the $PATH Unix variable is not used to find a proper Monitor.
Syntax {(option}
Options l The phantom processes are started using the Monitor located on the current (local) directory.
Consider a system which has two virtual machines, running the versions Advanced 
Pick releases 6.0 and 6.1. The Monitor are incompatible. The installation 
should proceed as follows:

1) Install first the virtual machine which will NOT be the default Machine 
(Advanced Pick 6.0, for example)

2) Move the Advanced Pick 6.0 Monitor to another directory:

cd /usr/bin
mkdir 6.0
mv ap 6.0
cd /usr/lib/pick
mv pick0 pick.6.0
cd /

3) Install the Advanced Pick 6.1 (default) virtual machine.

4) Boot the Advanced Pick 6.1 (default) virtual machine:

ap -0

4) To boot the 6.0 virtual machine, do:

export PATH
ap -0 -n pick.6.0

If a regular user types 'ap', he will get to the 6.1 virtual machine. 
To access the 6.0 virtual machine, the user has to specify the 6.0 Monitor, 
either by changing the PATH, as before, or by explicitly giving a full file 

/usr/bin/ap.6.0 -n pick.6.0
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