tcl.stopptr Verb: Access/Spooler


Command tcl.stopptr Verb: Access/Spooler
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category Spooler (24)
Description stops the specified printer at the end of the current print job.

If the printer is inactive, it stops immediately. If it is active, it stops at the end of the current print file. If the current print file is specified to print multiple copies, the printer stops after the completion of the current copy.

"sys2" privileges are required to use "stopptr".

Executing this command without specifying a printer attempts to stop printer 0.
Syntax stopptr {options}
Options printer.number{-printer.number} Designates the printer number, or range of printer numbers to stop. Must be between 0 and the maximum printer number. The maximum printer number is the actual number of ports on the system, plus 4.

b Stops all printers.

d Deletes printer, or all printers if used with the "b" option. (The "d" option only works in R83 implementations.) Using this option is identical to using the "sp-kill dn", which kills printer "n" after completing the current job.

s Suppresses display of error messages.

w Waits until the printer has completed printing any print file and is inactive. This option can be used, for example, when the "stopptr" verb is issued from a macro, followed by a "startptr" verb. This ensures that the printer is stopped before "startptr" is executed.
stopptr 1
printer # 1 set to stop

stopptr b
printer # 0 set to stop but is still active
printer # 1 set to stop

stopptr 1w

Sets printer #1 to stop, then waits for printer #1 to become inactive before 
returning to TCL.
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