tcl.tcl-hdr Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.tcl-hdr Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description enables or disables the display of TCL commands on all output directed to the Spooler, or displays the current header status if no options are provided.

The default setting is "active", or "on". This means that every report that is directed to the Spooler will automatically display the TCL command used to generate the output on the first page of the output, unless otherwise suppressed with a "tcl-supp" modifier.
Syntax tcl-hdr {(options}
Options f Toggles OFF. Suppresses the default TCL header output.

n Toggles ON. Outputs the default TCL header on Spooler listings.

s Suppresses output of status message.
tcl-hdr (f
[1305] TCL header output is suppressed.

tcl-hdr (n
[1304] TCL header output is active.
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