tcl.touch Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.touch Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP 6.0
Category TCL (746)
Description reads and re-writes all items, without changing them, in either specified files or in all files in specified accounts.
The main usage of this command is to force the transaction logger to enqueue for logging all items in files or in accounts, to synchronize data bases across a network.

itemlist A list of elements to process. By default, this is a list of files. Complete path names are processed. With the (A) option, the specified elements are account names, in which case all files in the specified accounts are processed.

If an explicit list of elements is not provided, a select list must be used.

The name of each file is displayed as it is processed. At the end, the number of files and items processed are displayed.
Syntax touch {itemlist} {(options}
Options F The list of elements is a list of files. This is the default option.

A The list of elements is a list of accounts. Synonym accounts are not processed.

L Log only. This option bypasses the update mechanism, but places all items into the transaction log queue. This makes the "touch" much faster and less abusive so long as a true update is not required. (Available on 6.1.9 and higher only)

Q Quiet option. Suppresses all messages.
select mds # 'dm'
touch (a
Touch all accounts on the systems, except 'dm'.

touch customers inventory
Touch all items in the files 'customers' and 'inventory'.
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