tcl.verify-system_rp Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.verify-system_rp Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: R83
Category TCL (746)
Description verifies the integrity of the Pick system software by comparing each attribute in the item called "check-sum" in the "errmsg" file against its corresponding virtual memory address.

If the checksum for a frame does not match the corresponding checksum value, a message similar to the following displays:

- xxx corrupted; expected eee actual aaa

nn frames corrupted: system restore strongly recommended


"xxx" Is the frame number in hexadecimal.

"eee" Is the stored (expected) checksum.

"aaa" Is the computed checksum.

"nn" Is the number of frames whose checksums do not match.

If the stored checksum for a frame is missing from the data ABS file, a message similar to the following displays:

frame record xxx is missing


"xxx" is the frame number in hexadecimal.

When differences occur, a message displays indicating that mismatches occur in one or more of the abs frames. These can usually be corrected by performing an abs restore from your sys-gen media.

"verify-abs" is a synonym of "verify-system".
Syntax verify-system {(option)}
Options o Generates a new "checksum" item in the ERRMSG file.
Related filename.errmsg