Verb: Access/Unix

Command Verb: Access/Unix
Applicable release versions: AP 6.2
Category Unix (24)
Description edits either a Pick item or a Unix file using the "vi" editor.

If passed a Unix file name, the "vi" command edits that Unix file.

If passed a Pick file and item list, then the "vi" command edits that item list.

The ability to edit Pick files is available on AP 6.2 and up.

The following options are can be used on Pick items only.
Syntax vi {Pick.filename {Pick.itemname {Pick.itemname}...}} {(options}
vi {Unix.filename} {Unix.filename} ...
Options c Do not convert between attribute marks and new-lines.

m Print an update message when the item has changed.

n Do not convert tabs.

r Use a random number tag rather than the Pick item name.

v Convert value marks to new-lines. Note that this works one-way only and that value marks will be lost when the item is updated in Pick.
vi dm,bp, date
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