tcl.which Verb: Access/TCL


Command tcl.which Verb: Access/TCL
Applicable release versions: AP
Category TCL (746)
Description displays the implementation being used, the release level, the boot monitor date, the boot abs date, the boot abs data file date, the system data files date, and the system serial #.

This verb displays the version of the elements used to create the Pick Operating System. The display includes:

"Virgin Install Monitor"
is the date on the monitor diskette most recently used to do a virgin install.

"Boot Monitor"
is the date on the monitor diskette most recently used to boot the system.

"Executable ABS"
is the date on the boot ABS diskette most recently used to do an ABS restore.

"ABS Data File"
is the date on the ABS data file on the most recent F-level restore file save diskette. This date should match the date of the executable ABS. If the dates do not match, a message displays. "verify-system", "where", and the system debugger do not work correctly if they don't match.

"System Data Files"
is the date the system data files were originally created.

"System Serial Number"
is the number assigned to this copy of the Pick System operating software.

In AP/Unix systems, the following fields have a different meaning than the standard Advanced Pick "which" command, and are presented in the format:

AP/UNIX: system;filename:name;rel;ver;hw


is the system name. This field may contain spaces.

is the configuration file name.

is the content of the 'name' statement in the configuration file.

is the Unix system release.

is the Unix system version.

is the machine hardware name (or serial number).

Virgin Install Monitor is not used.

Boot Monitor is the Monitor generation date.

All other fields are standard.

With the "z" option, only the Release and Boot Monitor are displayed.
Syntax which {(option}
Options p Output to printer
z Displays release implementation and date only.
System Release Information
PICK's AP RS6000 26 Mar 1992 Release.
Most recent mload into boot abs performed at 13:15:07 on 07 Apr 1992.

Implementation  . . . . . RS6000
Release . . . . . . . . . AP/UNIX: RS6000;AIX;pick0:prod1;1;3;000047311000;

Boot Monitor  . . . . . . 26 Mar 1992
Boot ABS  . . . . . . . . 26 Mar 1992
Boot ABS Data File  . . . 26 Mar 1992
System Data Files . . . . 26 Mar 1992
System Serial Number  . . 00000001
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