ue.01a2 User Exit/PROC


Command ue.01a2 User Exit/PROC
Applicable release versions: R83 3.1, R83 3.0, R83 2.2
Category PROC (92)
Description executes a computed goto branch based on the value in the current output buffer.

"Index" is the value to compare against one or more arguments.

"Arg1" through "argn" are values to compare against the index. If a match is made, control passes to the n+1th line below the user exit call.
Syntax u01a2
index arg1 ... argn
(jump here if index = arg1)
(jump here if index = argn)
(continue here if no args match)
001 pq
002 o  Demonstration of the computed-goto
003 o  Enter: YES, NO, or MAYBE
004 st on
005 h1
006 in
007 a
008 h3
009 u01a2
010 2  YES  NO  MAYBE
011 g 100
012 g 200
013 g 300
014 x Sorry, only a YES, NO, or MAYBE may be entered.
015 100 x You entered a YES
016 200 x You entered a NO
017 300 x You entered a MAYBE
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