ue.11ad User Exit/PROC


Command ue.11ad User Exit/PROC
Applicable release versions: R83 2.2
Category PROC (92)
Description retrieves all multi-values from an attribute.

The following line of the PROC specifies the file information, and a code.number.

"file.name" is the name of the file. If file.name is prefixed with an asterisk (*), the DICT portion of the file will be accessed.

"item.name" is the item name.

"attribute.ref" is the attribute name (or number)

The "code.number" specifies where the data is to be placed.

a = Outputs to alternative output buffer.
p = Outputs to Primary input buffer.
s = Outputs to current output buffer.
t = Outputs to terminal.
v = Verifies that the file exists.
va= Verifies that the attribute exists.
Syntax u11ad
file.name item.name attribute.ref code.number
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