ue.63 User Exit/BASIC Program


Command ue.63 User Exit/BASIC Program
Applicable release versions: AP 6.1
Category BASIC Program (486)
Description sets/clears privilege bits.

The bit to be set or cleared is indicated by 'value' which must be one of the following:

0 Entire table
-1 Inhibit (like break on/off, but works like a bit)
-2 TCL restart
-3 Break/End restart

if iconv is used then the value is set. If oconv is used, then the value is cleared. The 'result' is the value of the bit before it was changed except when used with the 'value' 0 in which case, the result is undefined.

This user exit is similar to the bitset and bitreset statements on some licensee platforms.
Syntax result = oconv(value, 'u63')
result = iconv(value, 'u63')
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