ue.65 User Exit/BASIC Program


Command ue.65 User Exit/BASIC Program
Applicable release versions: AP 6.2
Category BASIC Program (486)
Description returns the estimated number of items in the most recently referenced file.

This user exit gives an immediate estimate of the number of items in the file. This estimate is automatically updated by any simple ACCESS count or select which traverses the entire file, or by the file-save. Normal inserts and deletes also update this estimate although complete accuracy is not assured since this update is not done under lock.

If the internal estimate has never been updated, then a -1 is returned.

To use this user exit, a file reference to the desired file must be accomplished first. A dummy read will accomplish this.
Syntax oconv("", 'u0065')
open "myfile"
read xx from "";* just reference file
print oconv("","u65")
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