ue.a0ba User Exit/BASIC Program


Command ue.a0ba User Exit/BASIC Program
Applicable release versions: AP, R83
Category BASIC Program (486)
Description similar to the "u80ba" user exit, and sets the IBM function keys on AP/Native and AP/DOS systems only.

The valid values for "tbl.type" are:

0 upper case
1 lower case
2 control
3 alternate

"keyboard.data" is a string of ASCII-hex values which relate to the hex value of the function keys for the particular type being updated.

The user exit works the same if it is called using an "iconv" or "oconv".
Syntax result = oconv(tbl.type : vm : keyboard.data, 'ua0ba')
x = iconv('0':char(253):"FF45",'ua0ba')

In this example, we set the function key shift+F1 to a hex value of 45, the 
letter E.  Note the FF is a place holder.

x = oconv('2':char(253):"FF454144494C",'ua0ba')

In example 2, we set the normalized (not shifted) function keys F1-F5 to E, A, 
D, I and L respectively.
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