ue.b0ba User Exit/BASIC Program


Command ue.b0ba User Exit/BASIC Program
Applicable release versions: R83 3.1, R83 2.2
Category BASIC Program (486)
Description "peeks" (reads) one byte of memory.
Syntax byte = oconv(memory.address, 'ub0ba')
memory.address<1> = '0000'   ;* This is the memory segment.
memory.address<2> = '09e6'   ;* This is the offset.
memory.address<3> = '00'     ;* This is a dummy.
byte = oconv(memory.address, 'ub0ba')

"byte" will contain the contents of memory location 0000:09e6.

Addresses worth viewing/changing:

0x0816     : CPU type (1=8086, 2=80286, 3=80386)
0x0817     : # of user system
0x0830-0831: # of disk cylinders
0x0832     : # of disk heads
0x0833     : # of disk sectors
0x085B     : Maxfid
0x0B69     : # of serial ports
0x0BE4     : # of parallel printers
0x09E6     : Various info. 
bit0 = Overlapping disk and tape I/O
bit1 = Forced tape recognition
bit2 = Spinel card
0x09E8     : Wait-And-Post flag (00=disabled, FF=enabled)
0x0BEE-0BEF: Tape I/O Address (Low Byte, High Byte)
0x9B40-9B41: Points to SIO.RING (IRQ4)
0x9B42-9B43: Points to SIO.RING (IRQ3)
0x9B44-9B45: IRQ4 Serial Card
0x9B46-9B47: IRQ3 Serial Card
Serial Card Addresses:
0x9257 = Arnet card
0xB657 = No serial cards
0xB957 = IBM COM1:-type card
0xBC57 = Digigraphics / Monolith card
0xBF57 = AST card
0xC257 = Arnet card
0xC557 = ALR card
0xC857 = Digiboard card
0xCB57 = AMI card
0xCE57 = Hostess card
0xD157 = Spinel card
0x9B80-9B2F: SIO.RING UART starting address 
(9B00-9B01 should be FF FF)
0x9BB0-9B2F: PIB.RING starting addresses
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