unix.ap.log File/Unix


Command unix.ap.log File/Unix
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix
Category Unix (24)
Description logs all errors and major events occuring on a Pick virtual machine.
This file is created automatically at install time in the directory /usr/tmp. It is updated by any Pick virtual machine.

It is a binary file which grows indefinitely, until cleared by the 'perrpt' Unix command.

The format of each entry is as follows:

struct {
int log_time; /* Unix time */
int log_key; /* Virtual machine key */
int log_res0; /* reserved */
short log_code; /* Error code */
short log_pib; /* Pick line number */
short log_res1; /* reserved */
short log_len; /* Optional data length */
char log_mon[16]; /* Monitor version */
char log_text[]; /* Optional data */

Each entry is aligned to an (int) boundary.

The last (int) of an entry contains the length of the entry, to be able to scan the file backward.

It can be disabled by issuing 'perrpt -s'.
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