unix.lppick Verb: TCL2/Unix


Command unix.lppick Verb: TCL2/Unix
Applicable release versions: AP/Unix
Category Unix (24)
Description acts as a filter between the output of a Pick printer and the Unix spooler to implement shared printers.
The continuous data stream coming out of the Pick printer process is cut into separate Unix jobs. To do so, the data stream is scanned to find an 'End of job' string. Once a 'job' has been identified, a Unix command (typically 'lp') is invoked to process the data.
This command is normally called automatically by the TCL 'startshp' command.

Debug. Some information is displayed while data is processed. This option should be used only to diagnose problems. The (V) option of 'startshp' sets this flag.

"-s string"
Specify the end of job sequence. The default is a one character string x'04'. It is strongly advised to specify an alternate end of job sequence. Non printable characters can be specified in octal, prefixed by a back slash ''.

"-c command"
Specify the Unix command to use to spool data. This command must be able to accept data on its standard input. The default is "lp".

"-l file.name"
Create a Unix file name when the filter is activated. This file contains the PID of the filter, the strings "command" and "string", separated by attribute marks. The 'startshp' command uses this option so that the TCL command 'shp-status' can keep track of the shared printers.

"-t level"
Activate tracing on the printer activity. 'level' is an integer from 1 to 3 specifying the level of tracing. See the 'startshp' documentation to see the effect of this tracing. The -'t' option requires the '-l' option.

Display the version of the 'lppick' utility, as follows:
lppick: Version X.Y

Display the version of the 'lppick' utility in a short form, for use in shells or Pick/BASIC utilities, as follows:
Syntax lppick {-d} {-t level} {-s string} {-c command} {-l file.name}
lppick -v
lppick -V
lppick -s "End of Job377" -c "lp -s -onobanner"
Start the filter, with an end of job sequence equal to 'End of Job_', 
where '_' denotes a segment mark. The data will be passed to the Unix 
spooler suppressing all messages (-s) and the banner (-onobanner).
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