up.overtype.mode Command/Update Processor


Command up.overtype.mode Command/Update Processor
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Update Processor (113)
Description means that characters typed overwrite the characters on the screen.
When UP is first invoked, it is in overtype mode.

The letter "O" is displayed at the top right corner of the screen when in overtype mode. The letter "I" is displayed when in insert mode.

UP places the cursor at the upper left corner of the item (top) on the first character of the first value of the first attribute and waits for input. Once the item has been loaded, any character typed overwrites what is on the screen.

As text is entered in either mode, UP word-wraps the text as necessary. That is, if a character string is longer than the remaining space on the current line, the entire string is moved to the next line. This allows continuous typing within a paragraph (attribute) without pressing the <return> key.

"<ctrl>+r" toggles between overtype and insert modes.

To create a new attribute (paragraph), press <return> while in insert mode. To return to overtype mode, press "<ctrl>+r" again.
Syntax <ctrl>+r
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