up.prestore Command/Update Processor


Command up.prestore Command/Update Processor
Applicable release versions: AP
Category Update Processor (113)
Description defines a series of Update processor commands which can be saved and recalled for later use.

Once defined and saved, prestore commands can be used during the current update session or recalled and used in subsequent update sessions.

There is one active prestore buffer available for each update session. This buffer can be re-used as many times as necessary. Prestore commands can be loaded into the buffer and modified using UP cursor movement commands.

The default prestore buffer contains the command "zn", which advances the cursor to the next page. Note: the default buffer contents, do not display when editing the prestore buffer.

There is no limit to the number of prestore commands that are available, because prestore commands are saved as items in a file. The items remain in the file until they are deleted or overwritten.

"md" is the default file used for saving prestore commands, but any legal file.reference may be used.

Prestore commands may contain both UP commands and literal text. When literal text is included as part of the command, the text must be enclosed in single or double quote marks.

When a UP command is included as part of the prestore command, the UP command is typed in WITHOUT depressing the control key. The Update processor interprets anything in the command that is NOT in quote marks as a UP command.
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